2013 Vintage Crawl Toronto

Vintage Crawl Armed

Last night, Mr. Andrew and I experienced the 2013 Vintage Crawl Toronto. It was a super cool event in which vintage shops across the west end stayed open until midnight and celebrated second hand things with treats, sales and other deals. Mostly it was a great way to socialize with other vintage lovers and see some of the amazing looks they pulled together. We even ran into our pal Becky and her friend Shelley, looking fine in a 50s sundress and Laurel Canyon layered leopard look.

Here are a few of the highlights of our amble:
Chosen Vintage

I love Chosen Vintage on Queen. I saw my favourite look of the night there — a painterly print Happi Coat. Unfortunately someone else was trying it on at the time. Mr. Andrew appreciated the Troll fingers and Rice Crispie Squares.

Silver Falls

My favourite display was this pair of lacy dresses at Silver Falls. their selection of sunglasses wasn’t too shabby, either.

EMporium Vintage and Rescue Vintage

Two new (to me) shops on Ossington. Emporium Vintage by I Miss You, which specialized in leather accessories, taxidermy and Victorian jewellery and Rescue Vintage, which has a great $10 rack and yummy gummy treats.

There were others, of course. We didn’t make it further west to Roncesvalles or further east to Kensington Market, but Becky raved about a place on Augusta called Anice Jewellery, were the proprietor will teach you how to upcycle old jewels. Instead we ended our evening at Armed on Dundas (pictured at top). It packs a lot of goodness into its tiny footprint. And while not vintage, I liked their “Please Return to Armed” t-shirts — a clever take on the Tiffany Charm.