Find Of The Month: Austro-Hungarian Turquoise and Garnet Bracelet

manicure bracelet and ring

August is far from over, but it will be hard to top this super find: An 800 silver, circa 1920s Austro-Hungarian renaissance revival turquoise and garnet bracelet. It’s signed and hallmarked, but I haven’t figured out who the maker is yet. I got in a $6 bag of broken jewellery at the Value Village. It is missing one turquoise cabochon, but I should be able to source a stone and reset it pretty easily. (I also picked up the 800 Egyptian silver green agate ring at the same time for $4)

Now that I am researching the piece, I am discovering a whole new world of vintage jewellery. I also realize that I’ve had and sold many Austro-Hungarian pieces over time — jewellery that I could just never identify and let go for a song. I think that I will be holding on to this bauble for a long time.