Junction Design Crawl


On Friday, Mr. Andrew and I went to the Junction Design Crawl. There are tons of restaurants, shops and galleries in the blocks west of Keele, and although we are there a lot for the Junction Flea, we never get to take the time to really peruse them. We had a grand time, visited old favourites (like Narwhal and SMASH, pictured above) and discovered a bunch of cool new establishments and designers. Below are some snapshots from our times.

Design Crawl 1

Mjolk is another favourite Junction shop. I sometimes wish I could throw out everything in our house and start anew with objects from this store. I mean look at this flower arrangement. I was also taken by these vintage framed targets at Metropolis Living (though they didn’t seem to be an official participant in the crawl). We also dropped by the Junction Flea as civilians and gabbed with friends from Magic Pony, Mrs. Huizenga, Cashmere Chris and Lucky Patina, amongst others. And a new discovery was a men’s haberdashery called Gerhard Supply. Not only was it tastefully decorated with all kinds of Alanna Cavanagh prints, there were many fine fashions from local designers such as Philip Sparks and shoes by Peter Feeney.

Junction design crawl 2

Another place we’d never been to before was the huge book and record store Pandemonium.The store has actually been in the Junction for 12 years, but was housed in a cramped storefront down the street. They moved into this spacious space last year. As a former record store employee, I envied the square footage because it allowed the music and ephemera room to breathe. And finally, we went to another Junction fave, Opticianado. The hammond organ was fired up, visitors got to play with 3-D designs and they had very tasty snacks! Mr. Andrew also found the perfect pair of frames by Germano Gambini. Too bad he just bought a pair.