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2018 Year View Mirror: Art!

Rho’s Gallery

Art! Art! Art!


Resolutions Week: Art

Purple power!

Junction Design Crawl

Fun in the Junction

New Jewels: Julie Moon and White Feather

While I love all things vintage, I’m also a fan of the local folks who are creating new jewellery pieces. I’m especially digging ceramicist Julie Moon’s latest geometric series of earrings and pins… Continue reading

Window Shopping: Magic Pony, Good Egg and Bungalow

Highlights from an afternoon of window shopping

Year View Mirror: The Arts

This week, I’ll be counting down my favourite finds by category. Today it’s art. Number 3: I started 2011 with a bang, scoring this War Rug at the St. Lawrence Market on January… Continue reading

An Art: Stephen Appleby-Barr “Chloe” Print

Went to Magic Pony with the nephew last weekend. Impulsively bought this print. It’s called Chloe and it’s by Team Macho‘s Stephen Appleby-Barr (who just had a show at the Metiver Gallery). I… Continue reading

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