Flea Reprise

September Junction Flea

It was a beautiful day at the Junction Flea on Sunday. While we didn’t make a million bucks, it was all blue skies and we got to visit with friends and see some beautiful jewels, including this amazing Rafael necklace from Samantha Howard Vintage. I told its wearer that I’d swap her anything she wanted for it, but she had just got it and wasn’t ready to part from it just yet.

Rafael necklace Samantha Howard Vintage

I’ve also been experimenting with my display. Here’s a little balsa wood box filled with baubles. Works for the bracelets, but the earrings kept getting tangled up in the raffia.

Gracious Good Junction Flea

In other selling news, we’re going to be taking part in the Fall Vintage Crawl at Mrs. Huizenga‘s on September 26 and we’ll be setting up at the Brickworks Flea on Sunday, September 29. Will keep you posted on all the glorious finds will be featuring.