Do Over: Fish, Bird and Amber

Mexican Mixed Metal Fish Pendant

I had a crafty weekend, fixing up some jewels so I could get new jewels without buying anything new. First, I made the fish pendant pictured above. I had found the mixed metal head (marked Mexico 925) in a bag of broken jewellery from the Value Village. The sterling circle comes from a single earring acquired in a similar fashion. And the enamelled silver links were harvested from another orphan earring.I may cut the disk to look more like a skeleton. I kinda like it looking like a blow fish right now.

bird fetish 1

Also from Mexico comes this Barro Negro Bird Fetish necklace.Basically it just needed or be restrung and lengthened, but I couldn’t find ceramic beads to match, so I substituted some larger wood beads in the centre and smaller wooden discs in the back to give it a graduated feel.I also added a new clasp — the previous closure was a dressmaking hook and eye.

amber 1

And finally, I combined two wire-wrapped amber bracelets to make this pretty necklace. The bracelets featured two different sizes of stone so I ordered them for a graduated effect (again — I love graduated necklaces). It still wasn’t quite my desired length so I added some chain. I have been wearing it non-stop, I even fell asleep in it. That is when I discovered that the wire the amber pieces are wrapped in is pretty soft, and it came apart in my bed. I put it back together again, but let this be a reminder to all that you shouldn’t sleep in your jewellery.