On the Webs

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Just a quick update on things I’m doing across the internets:

1. I am one of the co-founders of the online decor magazine Covet Garden. We are currently producing our first print edition — called Covet Garden Home, which you can pre-order here.
2. If you you want to see random stuff I like (watches, jewels, books, etc.) you can follow me on Pinterest.
3. I also have a tumblr called Old Jewels which is mostly the same stuff I write about here but occasionally features photos of things that I have already written about, but was just noodling around with my camera (since my camera has died, there is much less noodling).
4. I have a second tumblr called Sketchtorialist in which I attempt to do a drawing a day — just so that art school degree doesn’t go to waste.
5. I write about watches for DuJour magazine.
6. I have an Etsy store that specialized in mid-century Mexican, Canadian and Scandinavian jewellery.
7. Covet Garden also has an Etsy Page and guess who’s curating it — you can follow us here!