Midweek Modness: George Nelson Pill Clock

george Nelson Pill Clock

When I was a small girl, we had a chrome Ingraham sunburst clock that hung in our kitchen (and now keeps time in my office). After we did our kitchen reno a couple of years ago, my sister found this excellent George Nelson Pill Clock at Winners and gave it to us as a present because it recalled that atomic clock.

George Nelson was one of founders of American modernism. As a designer for Herman Miller and in his own practice, her created some of the best-known mid-century home furnishings, such as the Ball Clock, the Bubble Lamp and the Sling Chair. Many of Nelson’s designs are still in production — this clock’s design was licensed from Herman Miller by Verichron. It is made of aluminum, has a quartz movement and the “pills” are plastic, not wood, but it works well in our little kitchen.

george nelson pill clock