Sidewalk Finds: The Blues

sidewalk finds

Our neighbours up the street seem to be going through a slow downsizing. Every other week, on garbage day eve, there will be a small and tidy pile of kid’s stuff from the 1970s and ’80s plus random rusty tools and other household objects. Because I am trying to downsize myself, I have been resisting picking through this pile, but this week I could not resist.

Clockwise from left to right: Blue suede roller skates; tiny samples of lace making (some of the lace samples are from another source, but I got them when the circular piece fell out of my bag and someone said, you like crochet? Here, take these); An old railway inspector’s lantern (I have an anti-drunk driving story involving such a lantern but will save it for another day); and a cool canvas newspaper boy delivery bag.

There were another pair of roller skates as well. I just couldn’t get a decent photo of them.