Midweek Modness: Kavelala Koru Bird

Kavelala Bird

Here’s a made in Finland Kalevala Koru bronze Bird of Hattula pendant. Kalevala Koru jewelry is based on archeological jewellery found in Finland’s National Museum. This design was originally produced in the 1950s and is still produced today. While we think of mid-century Scandinavian design as being very modern, a lot of it was influenced by older traditional designs and manufacturing techniques. I suspect many of these countries were keen to assert their own identity after years of being ruled by Sweden, Germany and/or Russia. Most of this influence can be seen in the use of locally produced gemstones or shapes that suggest local geography, but folkloric motifs like this Bird of Hattula were also very popular. Here’s what the Kavelala website has to say about this bird: “The northern peoples had a special relationship with waterfowl, which symbolised fertility. For the population of the north, the return of birds in the spring signified summer, the start of a new year.”