Do Over: Hand Painted Monogrammed Canvas Tote

monogrammed LV and Goyard totes

When I was in Miami to cover the Hublot/Miami Heat press conference, all the Parisienne journalistes were toting their workout gear in hand painted Louis Vuitton and Goyard carry alls. I love the retro sign look of these graphics and, of course, was immediately envious. So when I got home, I decided to take a stab at making my own monogrammed bag. For this experiment, I used a canvas Jerome de Bremond satchel that I was unable to sell on Etsy and acrylic paints.

DIY Monogram Painted Canvas Tote

Originally, I taped off the racing lines for a sharper edge, but the tape was awkward and I figured, I’m a fine arts grad. I have a steady hand. So I went freestyle. I started with the background colours and then layered up. THe paint was a little transparent, so I did three coats for each layer. I probably could have done at least one more. It looks more like a faded sign than I had originally intended, but I’m pleased with the results.