2013 in Review: Farewells

HBC jacket

I like collections, but I do not want to be a hoarder. Plus some of the things I loved were in danger of storage damage. If you love something, they say, set it free. So this year I said goodbye to some old friends. Like my striped HBC Point Blanket coat (pictured above). I couldn’t fit into it, It was taking up a lot of space and I was afraid the moths would get at.

Here are some other things I was sad to see go:

Art Deco Egyptian revival necklace detail

As much as I loved having this Egyptian Revival necklace, I never wore it. I was too Afraid I’d lose it.

Gold Victorian Girandole Earrings

These girandole earrings were very hard to part with, but I rarely had the occasion to wear them (and again, I was afraid of losing them if I did).

And finally, sometimes you really, really want something that just doesn’t suit you. In this case I had to say goodbye to my Seiko chronograph because it was just too huge for my little wrist. It, too, has gone to a better place where it won;t get banged up from sliding around my arm all the time.