Resolutions Week: Maintenance


Last fall was so busy and so financially tight that I put a lot of things off. For example, I only finally got around to having my eyes examined on Dec. 24th even though I’ve been squinting for a year and I didn’t go to the doctor at all in 2013.

I’m still broke, but I have to take better care of myself. So here are the personal fix-its I have planned for the next couple of months:

1. New glasses. While I don’t need bifocals as I had feared, my prescription has changed. And my optometrist says that my glasses weren’t properly fitted last time. My options are to have new lenses set in my current glasses (pictured above), or, if that’s too expensive, get a cheap pair or two from an online place like Clearly Contacts until I can afford a retrofit.

2. New hair. I want to grow it out so I am going to skip haircuts for a month or two and just wear a hat all the time (also pictured above). It’s been a miserable winter weatherwise, so most folks won’t really question the whole hat thing. If I have to go for an important interview I might go in for a root touch up. Then in March, when I have enough length, I’ll splurge on a cut and colour.

3. Health. I need to book a physical as soon as possible. I also want to retry doing a juice reboot. I can’t afford a juicer at the moment (although my sister just got one on sale at, so I’m just going to try eating as many soups, raw fruits and vegetables as I can.