Freebie Friday: More Navajo Pottery

navajo girl

Last Sunday I went to the St. Lawrence Antique Market for the first time in at least a month. Since my budget was about $5, my hunting trip was more of a photo safari. I took this picture of picture titles “Navajo Girl” because the young woman in the image was wearing a squash blossom necklace.

navajo pottery vessels

I also spotted the Navajo pottery vessel pictured above left. I was admiring its colours when the vendor said that it could be mine for only $2. So I said “sold!” And then he said he had another one but he broke it earlier in the day. If I wanted to fix it, I could have it gratis. “I’m trying to get rid of stuff today,” he said.

It was a clean break and therefore an easy repair. They are both signed, though I can’t quite make out the signature on the “end of trail” pot.

navajo pottery signatures Lyn