Thrift Trips: MCC on Kent

oak desk

I was in Kitchener last week visiting the parents and my mom and I went to the new Mennonite Central Committee thrift shop. It’s much bigger than the old location, which means that they have the space for furniture. Including this glorious oak desk (pictured above) that was priced for just $30. If only I had $30, a method with which to transport said desk back to Toronto and room in my house for it.

THrift Finds

And even though I just last week resolved to buy no new clothing, I had not packed properly for the ever changing weather. The duck shoes were a necessity (and only $3). And because it was so cold when I left Toronto, I was dressed like a woolen bullet and needed a garment that I would not melt in. It’s a neat ’80s-era dress by Serbin (it also has a Simpson’s label inside), which made “Miami-style” dresses. I picked it up for $5.

Overall, the new MCC is pretty fab. The prices are amazingly cheap (with a few exceptions — there was an overpriced rattan bedroom set and non-costume jewellery was retailing for what similar pieces were priced at on eBay) and the selection of stuff is much improved. Plus every purchase, donation or gift of volunteer time at Thrift on Kent supports the Mennonite Central Committee’s disaster relief, sustainable community development and justice and peace-building programs locally and globally.