Midweek Modness: Hepe Denmark Teak Spoon

hepe denmark teak handle spoon

I have two and a half sets of cutlery. One set of Bakelite handled flatware and one made-in-Japan collection of faux teak forks, knives and spoons (the half is a weird collection of odds and ends called into action when I’m too lazy to wash dishes).

The faux teak set is our everyday flatware. I found it all about 10 years ago at the old Goodwill on Richmond and Jarvis. I always look for more pieces — especially serving utensils — to expand the collection, but have never come close to finding more. Until Monday, that is, when I found this teak handled spoon marked Hepe Stainless Steel Made in Denmark. It’s a handsome implement indeed! I haven’t been able to find out much about its maker though.