Vintage Beaver Canoe Sweatshirt

beaver canoe

When I was in highschool I really wanted a Beaver Canoe sweatshirt. It was an odd desire for me because it was a pretty preppy thing to wear. I think it was because I had a summer job working in a refrigerated meat processing factory and all the university girls wore them (with green workpants) to stay warm. Unfortunately they cost a lot of money and you had to go to Toronto to buy one. So I settled for the Mark’s Work Warehouse “Wind River” version.

A couple of years ago I started spotting the North Toronto girls wearing these sweatshirts again and that old hankering returned. I added Beaver Canoe to my list of things I always check for at a thrift shop. They carry new versions at Target and yesterday I even pondered going there to pick up laundry detergent and, I don’t know, maybe a sweatshirt.

I went to the Salvation Army instead, were I found this baby. It’s red (my dream sweatshirt is green) and I am wearing it as I type.