More Fixies and Do Overs

ivory do over

On Saturday, I finally got around to finishing up my silver jewellery repair projects. This was made possible thanks to a lucky find of a sterling necklace found in a bag of broken jewellery from the Value Village on Friday. Here’s how it worked:

The chain broke on the Lips necklace I bought in Miami. Because the donor necklace had a centrepiece of wired beads, I just removed the two pieces of side chain and put them on the Lips. I re-added the original extender chain and clasp. Fix #1 is done (see below).

I then used the broken bits of chain from the Lips to add two bits of swag (see above) to an ivory necklace I already had (to emulate a horn necklace that I recently sold).

lips fix

And finally, I was able to salvage the clasp from the donor necklace to fix a length of chain that needed closure. Now most of my necklace fixes and upgrades are almost complete. I just have to finish making a necklace for a Rafael pendant piece and restringing my Squash Blossom necklace.