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Trade Beads

Tube station

Protect Your Neck

Hanging around

Making Out

Moody pix of handmade jewels


Born again jewellery


Blue clues

Made In Occupied Japan Graduated Bead Bracelet

A bracelet I made in the 1990s

More Fixies and Do Overs

Checking in on my New Year’s resolution checklist.

Do Over Week: Wire Wrapped Amber Necklace

Bracelet plus bracelet equals necklace

Do-Over Week: Victorian Revival Repousse Pendant

One of my big goals for 2014 is to get caught up on my backlog of repair projects, I thought I’d share a few upcycled jewellery pieces I’ve been working on this week.… Continue reading

Do Over: Punk Pearls

Remake, remodel.

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