Olivia Mew

Olivia Mew + Biotherm Personalized Valentine

Last year for Valentine’s, Mr. Andrew and myself had ourselves scanned and turned into a 3-D image. A couple of weeks ago, we heard about a collaboration that Biotherm was doing with Stay Home Club‘s Olivia Mew. Basically Mew would be appearing live at the Biotherm counter at the Bay, drawing personalized pictures for Valentine’s Day. Here is the result!

Even better was the chance to meet Ms. Mew in person. I’m a big fan of her work and up close she is just as witty, interesting and spirited as I’d imagined she would be from her work. It was great fun to talk to her about how she works and creates what she called her “Lines and Dots.” She’s pretty stylin’ too — especially after seven straight hours of drawing.

Olivia Mew and unidentified subject