Bonnie Cashin For Russell Taylor Weatherwear Coat

Bonnie Cashin Label

Bonnie Cashin was (and still is) one of the most influential designers in sportswear. She made her debut at age 19 designing costumes for film and later Broadway, before crossing over to the world of ready-to-wear fashions on 6th Avenue.

She’s most noted for being the creative force behind Coach, but she designed all sorts of innovative gear — mixing canvas with fine furs, for example, or bringing the influence of kimonos and ponchos into everyday outerwear. So I went crazy with excitement when I found this Bonnie Cashin coat at the Sally Ann on Saturday. I literally spent my last $20 on it because I’ve never seen a Cashin up close let alone owned one.

Bonnie Cashin Weatherwear coat

It’s a wonderful example of 1970s-era Cashin, with such signatures as deep pockets, kimono sleeves, contrast piping and industrial touches such as the turnlock closures and canvas outer material. Apparently these coats were de riguer for a certain type of preppy in the day. It’s lined with fun fur, which actually makes me wish for a few more weeks of wintry weather so I can wear it. I wish I had a better picture to share.