Midweek Modness: Westclox Travel Alarm

Westclox Plastic Mod Orange travel alarm

Have started spring cleaning. Found this swinging 1960s or ’70s-era travel clock in a dusty basket of stuff. I remember that I picked it up at one of the permanent yard sales that they have out in the country. When my parents still had their trailer, we used to go for drives to these things and see what we could pick up for $5 or less. I think this was 25 cents.

My parents basically taught me how to troll antique shops and garage sales since I was a toddler. Next week, I’m going to spend a week with them as my mom recuperated from knee surgery. So you know that I’m going to hit up a few thrift shops during my stay. At the rate I keep uncovering forgotten treasure in my own house, I probably shouldn’t. The clock works well, by the way, but it is quite dirty and scuffed up.