1990s Scooter Ring

scooter ring

When I was a beauty editor, we rarely had the budget to hire stylists for non-fashion photo shoots. So it was my job to keep abreast of the latest accessory trends and then source things like rings to dress up pictures of manicured hands and the like.

Because we worked months ahead of publication dates, we had to source accessories from the agencies. And once or twice a year, once a season was over, we would be invited over to the agency to shop their collections of samples for amazing deals. When I was just starting out, I was making very little money so these sales were the only way I could afford to own the things that we pictured in our magazine. I remember buying this ring by Scooter Paris, a Metal Pointus ring and a linen halter dress and print blouse by Comrags. The ring is the only thing I have left and it is quite worn.