1970s Silver Turtle Ring

turtle ring

This silver turtle ring is the first piece of jewellery that I bought with my own money (not counting gumball rings). We used to stay with family friends at Kettle Point every summer and there was a general store where you could buy junk food, supplies and jewellery. In a rare instance of not blowing my budget on Maple Buds and Hostess Sour Cream & Onion chips, I decided to buy a ring instead. There was a huge selection of these little wire rings with different animals on them and I spent what seemed like hours deliberating before I finally chose the turtle.

This ring has been through a lot. It has been stolen (and recovered in a red suitcase filled with other purloined items) and misplaced (and found a year later all blackened up in the ashes of a fireplace). I keep it in a safe place now (along with my pitcher plant earrings).