Freebie Friday: Cottage Crafts


There is no greater provider of free stuff than Mother Nature. Last weekend, Mr. Andrew and I were fortunate enough to get an invite to spend the weekend at our friends Craig and Elizabeth’s island. It was a wonderfully relaxing time because of the good company and the fact that we were on an island, so there was no chance of taking a trip into town the minute things got a little slow. I also forgot my cellphone in Toronto, so there were no electronic distractions either.


The relaxation was much-needed after a super hectic week. I had many deadlines and meetings last week. In fact, I was so distracted that not only did I forget my phone, I also forgot to bring any art supplies (I wanted to try some plein air painting). So I improvised crafts using materials that I found on the island. There were lots of cottonwood trees, and cottonwood is easy to carve so I borrowed a knife to do some whittling. I made an articulated man (pictured up top) and an effigy of our hosts’ pup, Harvey (above). I attached the arms and legs with twist ties that we found in the utility drawer of the cottage. Mr. Andrew calls the dog “Carvey.”

wind chines

There was also lots of open water swimming, so I picked up some mussel shells from the lake bed, cleaned ’em and strung ’em up with some old nylon twine that we found in the cottage, and hung ’em from some sticks. It is the quietest of wind chimes because I didn’t measure the string correctly (I was improvising). But our hosts liked that even better.