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On Friday I had to go to the optometrist. Without getting into all the details, I was a little angry because the optometrist did follow up on my check up that I had… Continue reading


Face forward

Collections Week: Vignettes

Scenes from a snow day.

International Art

There is beauty in the world

Middle Aged Mermaid

Life at sea

The To Do List

I’ve got a lot of things to do.

More African Art

When we moved to the Junction, we knew we were making a big jump geographically. Now that we’ve been living north of Bloor for over three months now, we’re starting to notice subtle cultural… Continue reading

Epic Thrift Week Part 2: Norval Morrisseau Print

Cosmic Children

Collections Week: Canadian Folk Art

Carving cravings.


Me topsy, you turvy.

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