Midweek Modness: Upcycled Rocketship Lamp

rocket lamp 2
I got this teak and burlap table lamp for free at the Drake General Store Sale a couple of years ago. The reason it was gratis is that the shade was all banged up and stained. So I figured, what the heck? Why don’t I paint it? And I started with one test square, ran out of paint and put the lamp away for a couple of years.
rocket lamp makeover
Here is the before picture. I decided to make the test square a motif. I was just going to bands of squares in peachy to russet colours (see below), but that wasn’t enough to camouflage the stains. So I add contrasting tiles of teal and green. It has a painterly feeling which I think works with the retro silhouette of the lamp. And when the light is on, it has a nice glow.
rocket lamp 1