Auction Highlights: Hermès, Lanvin, Dior and Tortoiseshell

hermes horse ring

This is a story about getting lucky.

I enjoy buying bulk lots at auctions because deep down, I am a digger. I enjoy pawing though boxes of jewels in search of that one treasure. I’m like an old timey miner panning an icy river for one nugget of gold. But I haven’t had much luck in the auction department because a man whom I call Captain Sweatshorts usually outbids me on the big, mixed lots. Last week at the Waddington’s Auction, three strange things happened. The first lot up for bids was six trays of jewellery, with an estimate of $200 to $300. I had looked through it all at the preview and didn’t think that much of it, but there were a few pieces of figural jewellery that I figured I could sell online. I made a note telling myself to bid if it was under $100.

For some reason, the bidding started at $50. So I bid, The Captain bid and another guy bid $70. I bid $80 and nobody else followed. So I found myself with a million pounds of jewellery. Let it also be noted that the lots that ol’ CP beat me on all of the other lots that I was really keen on.

You don’t really realize how much jewellery six trays can hold until you try to get it home in the rain on the TTC. I ended up getting a cab home, and then settled in to start sorting. And that’s where the fun began. I missed so many glorious things when I previewed this lot, including the silver horse head ring pictured above. It’s stamped HERMÈS MADE IN FRANCE. And speaking of designer, there were also these bracelets by Goldette, Lanvin and Christian Dior.

arm party

My favourite find was this Tortoiseshell ring studded with three gold stars.