Drawing Conclusions

dresdner chocolate label

If I was a strategic person looking to get rich from being a digital lifestyle leader, I would be more strategic and write only about the finest things in life, or try and at least limit myself to one area of interest. Watches and not jewellery, say, or art not fashion. But blog is really my visual diary so I do and say as I please. For example, I don’t draw much of a distinction between art and illustration (although I know some do. On my walls I have many framed postcards, prints and even pretty packaging because I like to look at it. Most recently, I hung up this chocolate bar wrapper that I brought back from Dresden. It has the Frauenkirche and a kitty kat. What’s not to like?

Aux marches naturelle

I also found this 19th century steel engraving lying on the sidewalk last week. It depicts two hunters in the countryside of Quebec and is titled “Les marches naturelle.” It was drawn drawn by W.H. Bartlett and engraved by J.C. Bentley.

It’s interesting in that both pictures are souvenirs. The first, is a new look at a very old city. The second is a very old image of the new world. The first features a feline observer of civilization. The second has humans in the wilderness. and both images were meant to be shown to audience that might never set foot on the soil depicted in the pictures.