2014 In Review: The Arts

HW Wagner oil painting

It’s December and that means it’s time to look back and examine all the things I’ve done and all the stuff I’ve accquired over the last year to try and make sense of things. And by reviewing old posts, it would appear that I’ve been on an art binge — both making and buying paintings and sculptures.

By far my biggest find was the signed H.W. (Herbert William) Wagner landscape painting that I found for $5 at the Value Village Kitchener last spring. He was a friend and colleague of Tom Thomson and the two would travel to Algonquin Park and the Haliburtons for plein air painting expeditions.

Strawinska painting

I am also fond of this big painting by the Polish/Canadian artist Maria Strawinska-Mazur (1914-1992). I found it a yard sale. It was another $5 find.

me and mimi pond

A personal highlight of 2014 was getting to meet my art school crush Mimi Pond at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival! Her graphic novel, Over Easy, is fantastic by the way.

Alanna Cavanagh

One of my 2015 resolutions is to focus my art collecting by getting works by local artists. I got an early start when I finally acquired a real Alanna Cavanagh silkscreen. It is based on Marni from the TV show Girls. I have been longing for this print since I first saw it on Alanna’s Instagram account (which was about two years ago).

Seal on Ice Floe

And finally, my parents moved into an assisted living community at the beginning of the month, so there was a lot of downsizing. Mostly of furniture and their collection of oversized TVs, but there were a few art items that they weren’t taking with them, including this serpentine carving of a seal. Most of their collection of Inuit art is signed or has its original paperwork, but this guy has neither. I will have to wait until next September to have it checked out at the Museum of Inuit Art’s Appraisal Day.