Art Part 1

rosanna dewey nectarine 2014

I somehow managed to acquire some more art since I posted my year-end wrap up. For example. I picked up this lovely oil painting by Rossana Dewey at Hashtag Gallery‘s annual 4 x 4 sale. I saw it a few weeks ago and couldn’t stop thinking about it (the nectarine is my favourite fruit). The gallery extended the sale and I thought that it wouldn’t still be there but it was and I took that as a sign and now I have an art.

Krissy Mclean Bat With Flowers

I have a bit of a collection of Krissy McLean‘s work. I also like bats. And I am an impulse buyer. That is why I couldn’t resist this lovely night flyer that I picked up at City of Craft


And finally, when we were helping my parents move, I found this painting they had commissioned of my sister Kim when she was little. Kim said she didn’t want it so I rolled up the canvas and brought it home. I found the frame and mat at a contents sale a neighbour was having and now the picture is hanging up in my office.

These aren’t the only arts I’ve acquired in the last couple of weeks. I’ve been on a bit of a rampage, actually. More to come.