Collections Week: Fake Watches

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Like most folks I have lots little collections. Some groupings are borne of necessity — for example, I have a lot of Mid Century Modern housewares because I need things like furniture, dishes and pots and pans and when I moved out of my parent’s home and set up housekeeping on my own, that style was plentiful in thrift shops. And as I continue to furnish my space, I’m still attracted to the style ‘cuz it works well with my existing decor.

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Then there are weird, ancillary collections. Like the knock off watches shown here. I love watches. I collect the real things but I am on a very limited budget. One of my strategies to score interesting timepieces is to buy inexpensive lots of jewellery in the hopes that the seller has overlooked a real gem. For example the fake Chanel Premiere was part of a lot that contained an authentic Torun Bulow-Hube for Georg Jensen timepiece. The bogus Admiral’s Cup was part of a group that contained a real Wittnauer — not as pricey as a genuine Corum, but the other bits and pieces all paid the price of the gamble.

Which brings us back to why I have a collection of fake watches: I could never knowingly sell a knock-off. I can’t even in good conscience donate them to a thrift shop. And most of them aren’t even good enough fakes to use as props. I mean look at the Patek Phillipe — one of the most prestigious of Swiss watchmakers and it says Japan Mov’t on the dial. And Cartier never made a watch that looked like that.