Collections Week: Last of The Mexicans

mixed metal mexican jewelry

By looking at various my various collections (and there are loads more than the ones I’ve posted this week), I can see various categories emerging. There are the collections that are by-products of my work and interests. There are collections that are fuelled by a sense of nostalgia. There are collections that are born out of a sense of connection to family (and there is overlap, of course, in all areas).

I am also drawn to all things Mexican. It must be noted that I’ve never been to Mexico. I wouldn’t consider myself an expert in Mexican history. It’s just when I see things from Mexico, I have to buy them. I had to do a big cull of Mexicania recently because I had too many things. Pictured above are some of the jewelry pieces I haven’t parted with (although the Casa Maya-style medallion is up for sale in my Etsy shop). An despite thinning the herd, I just found the mixed metal jaguar cuff this week.

Instead of having a connection to the past or present, I think my love of all things Mexican stems from an escapist fantasy I have of living in an artists’ colony in Mexico, where I happily make art all day long. A girl can dream, can’t she?