Newton Tank Watch

newton doover

Maybe it was writing about collections last week, but I have somehow managed to add to my sets this past weekend. For example, On Sunday, I found this Must de Cartier Tank “tribute” at the St. Lawrence Market for $5. It is signed Newton on the faux bois dial. My very first vintage watch was a mechanical Timex of the same case style. It was my signature watch throughout highschool. This a very handsome watch made even lovelier when I added the faux alligator leather strap donated from a parts watch. It works ‘though only for a few hours at a time. Hopefully it just needs to run for an extended period of time to work itself out.

The movement is 17 jewels, probably from the 1970s. But it’s not signed so I’m just guessing, really. There is a tiny punch mark on the case, but it probably just indicates that it’s “Plaque d’or” or gold-plated. Still, I feel like an elegant lady wearing it.