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I don’t often get to hang out at the mall, but before New Year’s, I went shopping at with my nieces Madison and Sarah (we ran into my third niece Sydney as well, but she was with her friends and blew us off). And we went to Aeropostale. And I bought this skull torque bracelet for $3. I also went in for a three-for-one offer with Madison and got these socks.

Screen shot 2015-01-31 at 8.33.46 PM

Mall shopping is a somewhat exhausting experience. I could poke around thrift shops and flea markets for hours, but as soon as I enter a shopping centre I get all sweaty and jumpy. But hanging out with my nieces was fun so it balanced my anxieties and I found some post holiday sale bargoons. I even ended up going to another mall a few weeks later with my sister on our annual joint birthday shopping extravaganza. More on that expedition later this week.