Freebie Friday: Domino Denmark Shelving Unit

domino mobler shelf

I blame our extended cold snap for this sad story: Our neighbour put this brilliant, Danish modern shelving unit out on the curb. It’s manufacturing label read “Domino Møbler Denmark.” Sure it had some issues — It was missing a door and the top needed refinishing, but it was still solid and sturdy and had a pleasing design. I would have taken it myself if I had room.

So I posted a picture of it on Facebook hoping that someone in my network could give it a good home. There seemed to be interest but alas it was still there five hours later. Oh well. I thought, someone will walk by and pick it up. After all. we put our old, broken stove out on the sidewalk and it was gone by the time we reached our front door.

But 24 hours passed. And then days went by. It was so cold that nobody was out on the streets to notice this poor shelf. And even if they did, the sidewalks were too treacherous to drag home a rather heavy piece of furniture.

And then trash day came and it was loaded into the back of a garbage truck, mashed up by its compacting jaws. I still feel guilty because I couldn’t save it.