Chappie Rings

chappie bling

Mr. Andrew and I went to the movies this weekend. We saw What We Do In The Shadows — A mockumentary about vampires which was so very funny and I want to see it again and again. The Vampires were, of course, dandies, so wardrobe played an important part of the film.

I enjoy it when fellas get their peacock on. Which is why I too a picture of the standee for the new film Chappie. I like that the robot protagonist is wearing blingy rings to signify his scrappiness.Not having seen the film, I don’t know how the mechanical man has come to own these baubles, but each nods to a certain subculture. For example, the sovereign ring is quite fashionable in British Chav culture. The other rings make nods to bike gangs as well as rock and roll style — wearing rings on every finger is so Keith Richards.

While the movie hasn’t gotten great reviews, this little wardrobe detail makes me want to see it anyway — that and Die Antwoord are in it.