Swiss Time: Notes on Notebooks

Fendi Bug Notebook

I do try to avoid accepting gifts from people who I am writing about. There are many good reasons for this practice: ethically, you don’t want to be compromised; financially, even “free” presents must be declared as taxable income; and holistically I just don’t need any more clutter in my house. There are much more hardcore journalists than me when it comes to this rule (I know City Hall reporters who won’t even accept the free coffee and donuts at council meetings) and there are many more who are much more lax (there are those who count on reselling swag as part of their income).

Disclosure is another fine journalistic tradition, so I must confess that my Achilles heel when it came to gifts at BaselWorld was stationery. I still write my interview notes down the old-fashioned way in a notebook. (Whilst cleaning up my basement last week I uncovered boxes of old notebooks and therefore got no work done as I fell into a reverie of memories re-reading them.) And I appreciated some new notebooks as I neglected to pack enough fresh ones. So thank you watchmakers and jewellers who gave the gift of paper goods. My absolute favourite was this Fendi Bug journal. I am actually afraid to use it, it is so cool. I hope that it will inspire me to write great things in it.

corum pen

And, in the non-graft category, I would also like to give thanks to the cosmic suppliers of pens. A Caran D’Ache literally fell from the sky and into my lap at a Gucci press conference with Will.I.Am. And I found this Corum pen abandoned in the Press Lounge.