Midweek Modness: M&PL Ring

gold and silver ring M&pl

I paid a visit to Monty’s Credit Jewellers in Parkdale. It’s an eccentric shop, filled with new old stock as well as pawned stuff. You won’t find any gold sold for beneath scrap prices but you might come home with some cool, 1970s-style jewels. I found this sterling and 14K studio ring. It’s signed M&PL but I was unable to find any info on the makers.

monty's credit jewellers

I like it because you can wear it two ways — with either the ridged side or the flat, bar side to the front. Because it’s flattened on the sides, it’s very comfortable to wear. And the smaller scale means that I can stack it with other rings.

I also picked up these two pairs of silver studs.

NOS earrings gold and sterling ring