A Day of Random Sidewalk Finds

ganesh 2

You know spring has sprung when free stuff returns to the sidewalks of Toronto. Because I am currently Marie Kondo-ing, I’ve had to leave most treasures behind for some other lucky soul. But last Tuesday I came across some amazing and random finds that I could not resist. Like this carved teak statue of Ganesh, the remover of obstacles. Bringing him into my house has already helped me declutter as I had to make a space that was worthy of this beautiful piece.

found soul 45s

I also came across two crates of mid-1970s funk and soul 45s. They were all New Old Stock but most had bad storage issues. I salvaged the ones that looked playable. When I came home and looked up the tunes on YouTube, I decided to go back for more. When I returned, there was a barely worn pair of Clark’s Wallabees in a Drake General Store bag. And even though I said last week that I was swearing off used shoes, they looked like they were my size and would look so cool with some skinny legged pantaloons. So I brought them home.

clarks wallabees