Flourite and Carnelian Necklaces

Flourite and Carnelian necklaces

I was meeting my friend Elizabeth for dinner on Dundas West last Thursday. Not only was I feeling a little under the weather (I woke up with a pesky cold), but the actual forecast was rather unpleasant. It even began to snow. Since I was early for the reservation, I decided to duck into Soo Ling Beads at Dundas and Ossington to escape the flurries. I found some cool semi precious gemstones — four flourite drops and a facetted carnelian bead — and some electric blue cord to hang them from.

Flourite is used as a healing stone for colds, flu and sinus related issues. It doesn’t necessarily prevent these problems but crystal folks believe it can lessen the severity of the symptoms. FYI, I still have a pesky cold even though I’ve been wearing these beads since Thursday night.