Buch + Deichmann Purple Parrot

Buch + Deichmann Purple Parrot Brooch

Indulge me in a little rant. I don’t buy things off eBay very much anymore. The main reason is that when they instituted their Global Shipping Program, which charges duty and brokerage fees on items from the US, shipping costs became insane. Canada has a free trade agreement with Canada, we don’t need to pay duty on items under a certain price. And the brokerage fees are often way more expensive than the cost of the item and the duty combined.

But I bent my rules to bid on this big purple Buch + Deichmann parrot (or is it a macaw) pin. I won it for about $2.75 USD, but was charged $15 shipping on top of that. The seller was very nice, but couldn’t figure how to opt out of the program after sending the invoice. In the end, she (or he) sent it via regular mail but it still soured the experience. I know I’m not alone — a quick Googling reveals how mush Canadian buyers feel gouged by the Global Shipping Program.

Anyway, this might be the last thing I ever buy on eBay. It’s just not as fun anymore.