Midweek Modness: McDonaldland Stencil


Last week McDonald’s introduced their new Hipster Hamburglar. Last weekend, I rediscovered this 1973 McDonaldland Hamburglar stencil. This is what you got with your Happy Meal (or maybe if you had your birthday at McDonalds) back in the day. It was a present from my friend Rob when he moved to Halifax (around the same time we bought this house).

The Hamburglar sure has come a long way since the early ’70s. He was a much more menacing looking mascot in those days (although a man wearing a mask, a cape and a fedora over a striped prisoner’s costume would not be a very stealthy thief). In the 1980s he was redrawn as a more childlike character. Now he is just a weird human. Which is kinda creepy.