Do-Over: Amber Bakelite Necklace

bakelite 1

Whilst cleaning out my office, I came across this necklace that I made from a broken Bakelite necklace. So many beads were missing that it was too short to wrap around my neck, so I restrung what I had and added it to an aluminum chain. And then it sat in a box of things that I was going to put in the Gracious Good Etsy shop but never did.

So I wore it while I packed up. It was a hot day and I was doing hot work. One of the tests for authenticating Bakelite is called the smell test. Basically, when the plastic is warmed up by rubbing them with your fingers or running it under hot water, it will emit a chemical smell. Not everybody trusts this test, either because their sense of smell is not attuned to this scent or the odor is not consistently strong. But as I worked away, the sweet smell of Bakelite (well, sweet to me — others liken it to mothballs or formaldehyde) was unmistakable.