Moving Pictures

staging bedroom 2

Our house goes on the market on Tuesday and it’s been hard to focus on anything but work deadlines and house deadlines. We have done a lot of work purging and pimping but we wouldn’t have been able to it at all with out he assistance of our agents Jill and Bill Parlee, Jessica and Iza of Make Good Design who helped us pare down and stage things and Tommy and Mark who did most of the painting, patching and prettifying. While paring down has been stressful, ultimately the experiencing has been very liberating.

This week I thought I’d share some snaps of our new rooms to give you an idea of the transformation that has taken place. This is our bedroom. We basically took everything out, painted everything white, bought a new duvet cover and sheet set at Ikea and Iza lent us a lamp and healthy jade plant and placed them alongside some framed letter press cards with bears on them on top of Mr. Andrew’s old industrial sewing machine table. Mr. A’s all grey pant collection also looks great on our rolling rack (but there was place for my Orly Keily and Virginia Johnson scarves too. I don’t think we could realistically live as minimalists but we hope that when we move we can keep up living in a pared down manner.

staging bedroom 1