FInd of the Month: Vintage Dior Bag

dior 1

Today is the last day for selling our house. The cat and I have been staying with friends while prospective buyers toured our home. I am very grateful for them taking us in. I also appreciate that they need some alone times so I have gone on some long ambles around their neighbourhood.

These walks also distract me from missing Mr. Andrew (who is in Ireland)and the stress of selling a house in today’s crazy market.

All of my ambles seem to end up with me bringing something home. I’ll share the rest later this week, but I’ll share the best right now. It’s a pre-1990s Dior purse that I found at the Value Village. Dior licensed most of their accessories before 1990, so it’s not as valuable as an in house model, but it’s still a well-made, lovely bag with buttery soft leather.