Yard Sale Haul

gutta percha bangle

It was a fine weekend for yard sales. To make the game more fun, i gave myself a budget of $10 and Mr. Andrew gave me a size limit of palm sized. First, we went to the giant Trinity Bellwoods Yard sale where we found more socializing than finds. I still managed to pick up a cool embroidered tiger patch ($1), a pair of made in Mexico silver leaf-shaped earrings (from a woman who thought they were from Scotland) for a dollar and the most expensive find of the day, a $3 faux Alhambra necklace (I don’t know what I was thinking).

yard sale haul

Next we hit a street long fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity on Palmerston North of College. Kt was so good that even Mr. Andrew enjoyed it. Not only were there fantastic finds, but also fresh-baked goods, adorable kids selling cool drinks and a guy who was making chai in his front yard. I picked up the Victorian Gutta Percha bangle pictured at the top of this post, a trio of Mexican silver spoons, a ring with a piece of paper ephemera framed under glass ($1) and a free broken Victorian mourning bracelet.

ostritch egg

Of course I went over my budget and size restrictions. I also bought an Ostrich egg (3 bucks) at the Palmerston event. Then we went to visit our friends Craig, Elizabeth and Mollie’s moving sale where I purchased Mo’s old creepers for $5.