Freebie Friday: Art Books

Sculpture of the inuit

I love books, although the thing I look forward to least about moving is carrying heavy boxes of books. That being said, here are two extra beefy art books that I found on the sidewalk recently.

Both are about Canadian art, which is particularly interesting to me. The best thing about the Sculpture of The Inuit is the forward that lists all of the changes the writers made since the first edition. The number one thing being that It was no longer called Sculpture of the Eskimo. And there was a little mea culpa about how the authors felt that Inuit art would not survive after the inuit lost touch with their traditional lifestyles. They admitted that that attitude was more than a little patronizing and that Inuit artists were now making art that directly dealt with tradition as well as their dealings with the non-Inuit world.

Because that’s what artists do.

The book about Canadian Expressionists is also interesting. I would like to find more abstract art.