Luke Anguhadluq Silk Scarf

Luke anguhadluq silk scarf

Here’s a beautiful Italian silk scarf that I found at the Sally Ann last week. It features a print called “Flying Geese” by the Inuit artist Luke Anguhadluq (1895-1982). Anguhadluq was a famous hunter and leader. As an older man, famine forced his community to relocate to Baker Lake where there was an art co-op. While he still fished and hunted up until his death, he took to drawing quickly and with great confidence. Anguhadluq’s work often features graphically minimalist images of animals and community life.

While he mostly worked with graphite or crayon, sometimes his drawings would be translated in to prints. This scarf is part of a series of Italian silk scarves that also featured works by Jesse Oonark, Agnes Nanogak and Kenojuak Ashevak. I would like to frame this piece. I’m totally into the idea of framing scarves.