Epic Thrift Shop Haul


On Tuesday I could not focus on work because I keep getting distracted by unpacking and little fixes around the house. So I decided to do my freelancing writing on the road, aka the subway. I gave myself the destination of the Scarborough Value Villages because I would have at least two hours of being trapped on transit without wireless. Then I could reward myself in the middle with a little vintage hunting.

And what a glorious hunt it was! Here’s a quick show of some of the things I found, starting with the 1970s-era canvas and leather Balenciaga bag pictured above.

Bamboo earrings

And some cool sterling silver Bamboo hoops!

red pillow

And a cross-stitched cushion for my new throne!

tiffany Silver Atlas Band

And how ’bout a Tiffany & Co. silver Atlas band? But wait! There’s more! I also came across a bunch of cool art objects. But I’ll save them for next week so I can do more research on them.